Plant-Based Vitamin + Mineral + Energy Super Powder
Plant-Based Vitamin + Mineral + Energy Super Powder
Plant-Based Vitamin + Mineral + Energy Super Powder
Plant-Based Vitamin + Mineral + Energy Super Powder
Plant-Based Vitamin + Mineral + Energy Super Powder
Plant-Based Vitamin + Mineral + Energy Super Powder
Plant-Based Vitamin + Mineral + Energy Super Powder

Plant-Based Vitamin + Mineral + Energy Super Powder

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Plant-based, all-natural, gluten-free and sugar-free Vie 4 Health™ powder dissolves quickly in water to deliver a fizzy mix of 24 essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids — along with smooth, long-lasting energy from guarana and green-tea caffeine.

Each stick pack gives you:

  • Vitamin B12: 3267% of DV
  • Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B-complex
  • Omega 3s (from flaxseed powder)
  • Grape seed extract for circulation and cholesterol
  • Branched-Chain Amino Acids for muscle recovery and growth
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) for antioxidant, anti-inflammation
  • Beta Alanine for endurance
  • Smooth boost of caffeine (100mg green tea + 15mg guarana)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What's in Vie powder?

    A: Vie powder is made from all-natural, plant-based ingredients. Each packet contains a mix of 24 essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and caffeine from guarana and green tea. For more details, please see the Supplement Facts sheet that appears on the product page.

    Q: Can I use Vie even if I don't follow a plant-based diet?

    A: Yes, Vie vitamin + energy powder is formulated to supplement a plant-based diet but the vitamins and nutrients it contains are a healthy addition to any diet.

    Q: How often should I take Vie?

    A: Vie is formulated as a daily vitamin supplement with about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. On those days where you want a boost of energy feel free to have a second Vie. But we don't recommend more than two per day.

    Q: How much water should I use with Vie?

    A: Our packages recommend 8 to 12 ounces of water. Frankly, most of us here at Vie 4 Health prefer 12 or even 16 ounces of water. That's because Vie is pretty intense! Try different amounts of water and discover what amount you prefer.

    Q: Can I take Vie along with other vitamins?

    A: Vie contains all the vitamin supplements you are likely to need, generally speaking. And while some vitamins such as B-complex are water soluble, some are fat soluble (A, D, E) and are not as easily processed. For this reason we recommend avoiding the use of Vie alongside other multivitamins. If you are taking a course of vitamins recommended by your medical professional, be sure to talk to him or her about Vie, so he or she can help you make a decision that is best for your health.

    Q: How much caffeine is in Vie powder?

    A: Vie powder contains caffeine from guarana seed extract and green-tea extract. Together these ingredients provide 115mg of caffeine, which is about the same amount of caffeine as in a cup of coffee. But unlike the caffeine from coffee beans, the caffeine from these sources is absorbed by your body over a longer period, which helps you avoid the dreaded caffeine spike and crash. And they provide antioxidants, such as theobromine, tannins, saponins and catechins.

    Q: Should I take Vie on an empty stomach or with food?

    A: If you have a sensitive stomach, we recommend taking Vie along with a snack or meal. That's because Vie powder has lots of vitamins in it — especially Vitamin C, which is very acidic. Any effect is likely to be fairly mild with Vie, compared to taking vitamin pills, because it is in powder form and absorbed by the body more quickly than a pill. Please note, if you feel anything other than mild heartburn from Vie and you’re concerned, stop taking Vie and talk to your medical professional.

    Q: Is Vie available in stores?

    A: Right now Vie powder is not available in stores. It is available right here at and from time to time through certain partner websites. 

    Q: Why does Vie powder 'settle' when I let it sit for a while?

    A: Vie is an all-natural powder, which means it doesn't contain any chemicals to help it stay suspended in water. If you see your Vie drink has separated, just give it a quick stir or shake and it should mix right up again.

    Q: Will Vie protect me from Covid-19?

    A: While no vitamin supplement can provide complete protection against disease, including the virus that causes Covid-19, Vie powder does contain certain ingredients that medical professionals have recognized as helping your body to ward off infection. These include Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, and Magnesium. So consider Vie a sensible part of your overall health regimen. And be sure to follow other guidelines offered by your trusted medical professionals and your own common sense.

    Q: When will my Vie shipment arrive?

    A: When you order Vie from our website and you include your email address, the Shopify system will send you a notification automatically upon shipment. For shipments in the United States we use the US Postal Service and UPS. Packages travel from our facility in California to destinations all across the country in just a few days. If you have any questions about your order, please reach out to us via our Contact page.

    Organic, Plant-Based, Sugar-Free

    Vie is designed to provide everything you need to perform at your peak, including 100% of the Daily Value of Vitamins A, B complex, D, E, and K, and 3267% DV of B12 and 500% DV of C. Vie also includes electrolytes, Omega3s from flaxseeed, BCAAs, beta alanine, alpha-lipoic acid, antioxidants, and more. All sweetened with Stevia.

    Multivitamin: 100% DV

    Vie includes 100% of the Daily Value of Vitamins A, B Complex, C, D, E. and K. These essential vitamins help promote healthy function of your body's processes.

    Vitamin B12

    Vie contains 3267% of the Daily Value of Vitamin B12 (as natural Methylcobalamin). Getting enough Vitamin B12 can be tough for people on a plant-based diet. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes tiredness, weakness, constipation, loss of appetite, weight loss, and megaloblastic anemia.

    Vitamin C

    Vie contains 500% of the Daily Value of Vitamin C, to help boost your immunity, provide long-lasting energy, and help keep your body functioning at its peak.

    Omega-3 (Flaxseed)

    Each serving of Vie contains 500mg of Omega-3s, from flaxseed. Omega-3 essential fatty acids are “good” fats that have been shown to have heart-healthy effects, and may have a protective effect against breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer.

    Branched-Chain Amino Acids

    Vie contains 1000mg of BCAAs. Vegans have a hard time getting BCAAs from the food they eat. One of the most popular uses of BCAAs is to increase muscle growth, with studies showing an increase in muscle protein synthesis by people who consume BCAAs.


    Vie includes Potassium, Magnesium, and Sodium, electrolytes that help sure that your nerves, muscles, the heart, and the brain work the way they should.


    Vie is sweetened with Stevia, a zero-calorie, natural sweetener derived from the leaves of the stevia plant. It can possibly aid in weight loss, lower blood pressure, control diabetes, prevent certain forms of cancer, protect oral health, and build strong bones, and healthy skin.

    Don't Take Our Word For It

    Want to know what real customers think of Vie? Check out these reviews.

    Based on 25 reviews

    I drink Vie every single morning! I can’t start my day without it. I’ve never felt better!

    Great energy

    Love the energy with no crash

    I love Vie !

    I use Vie before every cycling training ride !

    The lemonade/lime I didn't like it the grape is better

    Thanks for your review. Yes, we hear that a lot from customers. Some flavors are exactly what they want and some are, well, not quite a perfect fit! We appreciate your feedback.

    Vie: Sampler Pack
    Thannia Valtierra

    Very good!

    Plant Based Energy and Clarity!

    Both my Mother and I tried the sample pack and we are now hooked. All flavors are great but the Orange reminds me of Tang, something I used to love this is just a healthier supplement by far. We will be lifelong clients. Thank you to Vie for helping vegans get all their minerals and supplements in a tasty drink.

    Overall great product! (coming from a non-vegan)

    Vie tastes great for a plant based health product in my opinion! As a very easy on the go energy boost that is compact and easy to mix, it's a total no brainer for individuals with a busy work schedule that want a healthier alternative to energy drinks or coffee. The only downsides to this product is that it's a little abrasive on the mouth and throat and doesn't dissolve 100%. Even with that in mind, I'd still recommend this product to people who are serious about a plant based diet!


    Vie is great! The Lemon-Lime flavor is my favorite, but this assortment pack gave me a nice variety to try (all very good). I had it in the middle of the day and it gave the the boost I needed to get my work done. I would buy again!

    Tastes great

    The lemon/lime flavor is delicious. Even just a few sips made me feel more energetic. I would definitely purchase again!

    Delicious and no afternoon slump

    I usually have one in the afternoon in place of a stack. It mixes well in water and keeps my energylevels even throughoutthe rest of the day. My favorite is the lemon/lime. Funny, my 12 year old even likes it!

    Vie really is plant-based goodness!

    I like Vie more than I expected to. I thought it would taste funny, like a typical 'vitamin supplement' product. But I don't taste the vitamins. It tastes great and it's a little bit fizzy, which I like too.

    Vie = healthy and delicious

    The first thing I noticed about Vie is how different it looks from other powders, more natural, not over-processed. The taste is more natural, too, with enough flavor to make it taste good but not so much that I get sick of it. The fact that I can get a bunch of vitamins without having to take pills is great, and I like the caffeine boost without having to buy a $4 cup of Starbucks coffee.

    Staying healthy just got easier

    I have been taking better care of myself the past few years and, while its gotten easier, it is still a chore to eat healthy. Vie definitely makes it easier and makes me feel good. I suppose the guayana and green tea are part of the reason. I also think the vitamin supplements help.

    I was a skeptic but now I believe

    I didnt know what to expect with Vie and I was a bit skeptical. I just put it in a full glass of water and stirred; the powder dissolved right away. The taste is good, not too sweet but enough that it is definitely flavorful. The effect is pretty noticeable, like a cup of coffee but not quite so much of a rush all at once. More long-lasting. I like it.

    Tastes good, feels good

    I tried Vie powder for two weeks and really like it. The assorted flavors were all good, and it was nice to have a different one each day. The feeling I get from it is a smooth, gentle push throughout the day, not too much but definitely noticeable.

    Easy way to get my vitamins

    Vie does just what they promise. It makes it easy to get my vitamins. I like the energy boost too. I didn't think I would but I do. I even stopped drinking coffee.

    Deliciously different

    Vie is delicious. And I like the taste. Not too sweet. Beware, the Vie powder mixes easily in water but some of the larger particles will sink to the bottom if you leave the glass to sit for a long time.

    I like grape!

    Grape is my favorite flavor of Vie. The other flavors are pretty good too, but grape is my favorite.

    Great variety. Better value.

    The Vie multi-pack in 30 quantity is a better value than the 15-pack. I didn't start with the 30-pack because I just wanted to try Vie and wanted the smallest size. Now that I know how much I like Vie I am happy to order the bigger size!

    Super easy supplements

    Vie tastes great — really great, not just "great for a plant-based product"! The powder mixes up nicely in a glass of water, though some of the grape seed and pumpkin seed can still be seen. I don't mind it, because it reminds me that this is an all-natural product, not some over-processed powder.

    Grape is great!

    I don't really have a lot of experience with 'nutritional supplements' but Vie seems like the ideal mix. It has all the vitamins I need, along with the caffeine I crave. I like using it as a way to start my day, and sometimes as a boost in the afternoon.

    Plant-based Perfection

    I hate taking pills and needed something to help me get my vitamins. Vie is perfect! I get all the vitamins I need, and I get some caffeine that doesn't feel like too much. I mean, I love Starbucks but sometimes I don't want to pay $4 to feel like I got overcaffeinated! Vie also doesn't make my tummy feel upset like I sometimes get when I take vitamin pills.

    A tasty assortment

    The Vie multi-pack is perfect for me. I like to have a mix of flavors so I can have a different one each day. My favorite is probably grape, but I like all the flavors. The energy boost is great too. Not too much and it's smooth, with no crash.