Vitamin Powder vs. Pills: Which Works Best for You?

If you’ve been looking for clean, non-GMO, plant-based vitamins, you may feel overwhelmed with the choices of supplements lining the shelves or popping up in your online searches. To make your choice even more difficult, not only can you find rows upon rows of vitamins, but then you must decide between vitamin powders and vitamin pills.

To simplify your decision-making, Vie has created an easy-to-use, effective vitamin powder that boosts your immunity, gives you a smooth boost of green-tea caffeine for your energy needs, and includes your daily recommended dose of 24 vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

This article details how vitamin powders work better for your body than pills and how Vie offers the best vegan supplement.

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Benefits of Vitamin Powder vs. Pills

When you want to boost your immunity and ensure you’re getting your daily recommended dose of vitamins and minerals, you’re just trying to do something positive for your health. You want to be sure you select the vegan vitamin supplement that best impacts your health and immunity, but wading through the information and choices may prove time-consuming and confusing.

When it comes to which form works best for your body, vitamin powder offers benefits that vitamin pills simply can’t match, and Vie has taken vitamin supplements to a new level with its single-use, recyclable packets of vitamin powder. Packed with your daily recommended dose of vitamins and minerals, just one packet of Vie’s vegan vitamin supplement offers the immunity-boosting benefits you need in a delicious, non-GMO vitamin powder.

The benefits of a vitamin powder vs. vitamin pill include:

  • Your body absorbs vitamin powder more readily. Regardless of what time of day you want your vitamin supplement to kick in, you complicate your life by trying to time your supplement intake. These days, people want everything on demand, and your body can readily absorb vitamin powder as opposed to a vitamin pill. When you consider a vegan vitamin supplement, such as Vie’s, that includes a small dose of caffeine from green tea, you want your supplement to be absorbed immediately. Because pills take time to work their way through your body, vitamin powders offer the immediate nutrient-boosting absorption you want.
  • Powders treat your body gentler than pills. Because vitamin powder is water-soluble, not only does that make powder even easier for your body to absorb but also it makes powder a gentler option for your stomach and digestive system than pills.
vitamin powder
  • You can take a single dose. Not all vitamin powder has the benefit of a single dose, but Vie’s unique formula for its vegan vitamin supplement contains your entire recommended daily dose of vitamins and minerals, including key nutrients such as B12 and Omega3s. Many other powders and most vitamin pills require more than one dose to get the vitamin and mineral intake you receive with just one packet of Vie.
  • Vie’s vitamin powder has better portability than pills. Often people consider pills a more portable option than powders. However, Vie’s supplement comes in a recyclable, one-time-use packet that can easily be stored or brought along with you. You don’t have to worry about the packets getting crushed or crumbled like pills. As a bonus, their brightly colored packets make them easy to spot in the bottom of your bag! Those who prefer pills point out that powders need to be measured and mixed, which interferes with their ease of use when taken on the go, but not so for Vie. Vie comes in pre-measured packets that you simply open and pour into a glass of water.
  • Vie tastes better than pills. Pills often carry an aftertaste. Even if the pills have no taste, vitamin powder can add the bonus of delicious flavors. Vie comes in great-tasting flavors, including, grape, lemon-lime, and orange. You can order your Vie as an assorted box of flavors or single out your favorite.
  • You can swallow powder easier than pills. To get the proper dose of vitamins and minerals, you not only have to take several doses but also several pills. Many pills can be hard to swallow due to their size or texture, not to mention the number of pills you have to take. Vitamin powder makes a great alternative to pills because you need only put a single packet in your water and simply drink it as part of your regular hydration routine.
  • Vie’s vitamin powder contains no fillers or binders like vitamin pills. Many vitamin pills contain fillers and binders that make pills easier to stick together, bulk them up to the right size, or make them go smoothly through the machines in the manufacturing process. These unnecessary ingredients further decrease the rate of absorption in your body compared to vitamin powder.
  • Vitamin powder doesn’t use wax like pills. Many vitamin pills use wax coatings to make pills easier to swallow and to increase their shelf life, but the wax interferes with the pill’s solubility, which means the wax interferes with a pill’s ability to disintegrate.
  • Vie’s powder contains no sugar. If you’re wanting a vitamin supplement to increase your health and boost your immunity, you’re probably not looking to add any sugar to your diet. However, many pills include high-fructose corn syrup to make the pills more palatable. Not only does sugar lead to insulin spikes, sugar also can block the absorption of important micronutrients, such as Vitamin C and calcium. Vie’s vitamin powder contains no sugar. So if you want a vegan, non-GMO, sugar-free supplement, Vie makes a perfect choice.
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How Do I Choose the Best Vitamin Powder?

Vitamin powder makes a better choice than vitamin pills, but you still need to select a vitamin powder that works best for you and your needs. Use these tips to be sure you get the powder that gives you the best, most effective supplement you can find:

  • Find a plant-based supplement. When looking for vitamins, you’re wanting to do all you can to protect your health. Plant-based diets offer immune-boosting, protective benefits to your body, and vegan supplements offer the same benefits. Vie has created a unique, vegan formulation that contains your entire daily recommended dose of vitamins and minerals. Vie’s vegan formula provides all you need in one easy-to-use dose.
  • Check the ingredients. With so many pills and powders, an easy way to sift through the products is to check the ingredients. Look for binder and fillers as well as added sugar, all of which decrease the absorption and effectiveness of the supplement. You can easily check the ingredients of Vie’s vegan supplement to see that it contains no sugar, fillers, or binders. Instead, Vie uses non-GMO, vegan ingredients to maintain a high level of health benefits.
  • Check your diet. Regardless of what a supplement may claim, the name itself points out that it’s just a supplement. Nothing can replace the benefits of following a healthy diet. However, if you’re following a specific diet, such as a plant-based diet, you may be missing nutrients, such as B12 and Omega3s. You can’t easily get Vitamin B12 and Omega3s from plants, but Vie includes these two key nutrients in its ingredients, specifically to support your plant-based diet. Knowing what you need helps you determine which supplement works best for your situation.

When you need to choose a vitamin supplement, you want to make a positive impact on your health and well-being. So carefully choosing a vitamin supplement makes the difference between adding helpful nutrients to your diet or slowing down your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients it needs.

Vie has created a unique, great-tasting vitamin powder that meets your nutritional needs. You can get your recommended daily dose of vitamins and minerals without fillers or sugar, complete with a non-GMO, vegan formulation. To get the most out of a vitamin powder supplement, choose one (or all!) of the delicious flavors of Vie.