Taking Your Vegan Lifestyle on the Road

Living a successful vegan lifestyle means making plans before heading out on vacation or spring break. Because traveling can potentially add challenges to your vegan choices, you need to come up with suitable options for when you’re on the road.

Regardless of whether you travel to another state or another country, having some portable plant-based vitamins and minerals could help you to both stick to your vegan lifestyle and keep your immunity strong. Vie makes traveling as a vegan simple. With easy-to-stash packages of vegan vitamin supplements, you can easily get your nutrients—and a dash of green-tea caffeine—wherever your travels take you.

Plan Ahead to Travel Vegan

If you plan ahead, you can travel with ease while eating vegan. The vegan lifestyle has become (almost) mainstream in many places, and if you search, you can find vegan options or to connect to vegan-friendly groups in the places you plan to travel. With a little bit of planning, you can have a great trip while eating delicious vegan options away from home. Just stick with these pointers to make sure you do enough planning before you head out:

  • Do your research. With the available information online, you should have no trouble finding vegan options when you travel. Before you even leave, look up restaurant menus, find vegan-friendly areas where you plan to visit, and connect vegan groups online that can point you to local spots that work well for vegans.
  • Pack a survival stash. Grab some portable snacks and supplements, such as protein bars and bags of nuts. These packaged snacks make an easy choice because they are lightweight and can pass through Customs. And don’t forget Vie vegan vitamin powder to give you the energy and immunity boost your body needs when traveling. Check out the Vie packets in the picture below that made it all the way to Norway!
  • Stay where you can cook. Cooking for yourself helps make eating vegan much easier while traveling. Even a small kitchen enables you to cut fresh fruits and vegetables that you can pack with you throughout the day. Plus, you can relax and cook your meals the way you like, and not worry about finding suitable restaurant options.
  • Visit farmer’s markets. When you travel, nothing helps you experience the local culture more than visiting a local market like a farmers market. Not only can you get an authentic local experience, but if you’ve traveled far from home, farmers markets give you opportunities to try produce that doesn’t grow native to your area.
  • Take advantage of technology. Use apps like Happy Cow and Vegan Passport to find vegan restaurants or discover vegan options while abroad. Happy Cow works like Yelp for vegans, and the Vegan Passport offers a robust guide to vegan eating in several different languages so that you won’t be surprised by ingredients.

Planning ahead becomes a key element when traveling as a vegan. Prepping may seem like a lot of work, but a little preparation keeps your travel hassle-free and healthy.

 Add a Daily Vegan Supplement While Traveling

Some people find traveling an obstacle to maintaining the healthy vegan lifestyle they’ve been enjoying, but travel doesn’t have to complicated for vegans. Understanding the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle motivates most vegans to continue their healthy choices while traveling. And Vie vegan multivitamin and nutrient powder makes traveling even easier.

When you’re away from home, you may find it easy to skimp on the nutrient-dense food you’re used to having because your vegan options become scarce. Although your vegan choices may be limited while traveling, you still have ways to uphold your healthy lifestyle by bringing a few items with you. Just try these tips:

  • Pack plant-based vitamins. You can conveniently store several packages of Vie in your carry-on, luggage, even your pockets. Anytime you need to add some high-value nutrients—and a dash of energy—to your day, simply add your drink mix to your water and enjoy.
  • Bring non-perishable snacks. Stash a few packs of nuts, fruits, and seeds in your luggage. These vegan go-to items will ensure you have a quick snack whenever you need it.
  • Prepare a homemade oatmeal mix. You can bring along your own custom mix of oatmeal, nuts, fruits. Try adding a packet of Vie to your oatmeal when you rehydrate it to boost the flavor and pack a punch of plant-based energy to your day.

Regardless of how or where you’re traveling, be sure to add a portable vegan supplement to your packing list to ensure you get the vitamins and nutrients needed to stay healthy while traveling.

Keep Your Immunity High with Vitamin C Powder

Now more than ever you understand that traveling can expose you to elements that may compromise your immune system. Additionally, if you’re vegan, traveling exposes you to fewer nutrient-dense choices that you normally consume to keep your immunity strong.

Maintaining a strong level of immunity while traveling helps keep your trip healthy and hassle-free. Make a habit of taking along some vegan supplements each day while you’re on vacation. Vie comes in convenient, portable packets filled with all the organic plant-based vitamins you need for one day.

Vitamin C has been shown to help strengthen your immune system, and Vie includes 500 percent of the Daily Value of Vitamin C powder, enough to satisfy your needs each day even under the most stressful conditions. While you’re traveling and exposed to unknown elements, Vie can help. Just one Vie packet in your drink helps strengthen your immunity with its vitamin C powder and other nutrients while you’re away from home.

With long days—and sometimes longer nights—traveling can lower your ability to fight infections. For those days when you’ve been traveling or didn’t get a good night’s rest while away from home, you can gain a bit of energy from Vie, too. Each packet contains a 100mg boost of caffeine from green tea, the equivalent to one cup of coffee, but much smoother and longer lasting.

Make Your Own Rules While Traveling Vegan

When you plan a trip, you have fun planning what you’re going to see and do, but when you travel as a vegan, you add an extra dimension to the planning. You want to ensure you have vegan-friendly options wherever you go, which means making your own rules.

Vegans have become accustomed to blazing their own trails and constructing their own sets of rules and traveling makes no exception. Just as you want to protect insects from pesticide use, you need to protect your lifestyle choices while you travel. Often that means making your rules. Use these tips to make navigating your travel a bit simpler:

  • Bring your vegan supplement. You can compromise on restaurants but not your health. If your travel companions don’t share your vegan lifestyle, bring a vegan supplement like Vie to add to your water and then choose what you can from the menu. Your friends may want to try a restaurant that makes a must-stop for meat eaters. You can still enjoy their company without compromising your lifestyle if you take along your vegan supplement.
  • Go small-plate hopping. Similar to bar hopping, you treat your meal like a progressive dinner. Getting appetizers in one place, your main course at another, and dessert elsewhere allows everyone to try several local spots at once. Small-plate hopping works especially well when everyone wants to eat something different.
  • Find ethnic spots to eat: Vegan options abound in certain ethnic cuisines. You know what you like, and you likely have some go-to favorites. So don’t be afraid to not eat locally if the food comes standard with dairy-based sauces or piled high with meat. If you’ve checked out the local spots and not found plant-based, nutrient dish options, pick the ethnic spots you know and love.
  • Repeat success. With apps for on-the-spot vegan navigation and the ability to check out menus ahead of time, when you find a place with great vegan options that you love, just keep stopping in. Finding a great place to eat makes traveling much more enjoyable. So keep going to the restaurants you enjoy where you find great food to support your healthy lifestyle.

While discovering great vegan food while traveling makes you celebrate and adds to your trip, you know that staying healthy far outweighs compromising your lifestyle choices. Although some may think that planning ahead and packing a vegan supplement ruins the fun, vegans know better.

Vegans know that they can easily plan ahead and enjoy a relaxing time away, confident that their health and immunity remain strong. With Vie, you can travel with your daily dose of vegan vitamins in your pocket and experience a healthy, hassle-free trip wherever you go.