Suffering from 'Brain Fog'? Your diet might be a factor.

Ever find yourself struggling to find the right words or remember the name of that guy who was in that show about that thing. It's called "brain fog" and it can be nerve-racking. A recent article at examines the link between that foggy feeling and your diet and gut health.

First, what is brain fog? It's actually your brain's way of telling you that something isn't optimal," explains Mike Dow, PhD, PsyD, brain health expert and author of The Brain Fog Fix. "It can unfold differently for different people. It could be trouble bringing words to mind, a gray mood, low energy, or forgetfulness." 

According to the article, the good news is that it's usually just temporary, and with the right lifestyle changes, you can get your brain back on track. And the biggest factor of all, and one over which you have lots of control, is your diet. 

"Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables every day, and taking prebiotics and probiotics, to introduce healthy bacteria into the gut, which helps your body better produce those brain-boosting neurotransmitters,” explains Dow. “You’ll also want to make sure you’re getting enough omega-3s, either from clean seafood or supplements, which can also remedy brain fog.

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