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Plant Power

Plant-Based Vitamin-Infused Energy

Clean, Plant-Based Fuel for Your Active Lifestyle

Introducing Vie™ — the world's first plant-based, sugar-free, non-GMO, all-natural, vitamin-infused energy powder. Packaged in single-serving stick packs and available in three flavors (grape, lemon-lime, and orange), Vie delivers a fizzy mix of 24 vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and amino acids — along with a healthy boost of smooth, long-lasting energy from guarana and green-tea caffeine.

Drink Your Daily Vitamins (+)

Welcome to your new morning ritual. No more choking down large pills. No more bad-tasting tonics. Just all-natural vitamins and nutrients (with a dash of green-tea energy) in a delicious drink designed to support your body's healthy functioning.

All-Day Energy + Immunity

Vie delivers 100% of the Daily Value of Vitamins A, B complex, D, E, and K, and 3267% DV of B12 and 500% DV of C. Vie also includes electrolytes, Omega3s from flaxseeed, BCAAs, beta alanine, alpha-lipoic acid, antioxidants, and more. All sweetened with Stevia.

Power Up, Anytime, Anywhere

Vie is all about supporting your healthy, on-the-go lifestyle. Single-serving stick packs make it easy to take Vie with you anywhere — work, school, the gym — for a healthy, hydrating boost anytime. And to make it even easier, Vie is available in subscription plans.

Designed to Support Your Active, Plant-Based Lifestyle

Wherever your day takes you, give yourself a healthy boost, in a plant-based fizzy drink mix that tastes great. All-natural, sugar-free Vie powder provides 24 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, plus a smooth boost of caffeine from green-tea and guarana.


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“Plant-Based Made Easy”

Do you have questions about nutritional supplements for your plant-based diet? We gathered the advice of experts in this simple guide (hint: it's more than just B12). Download your free copy today.

What Our Customers Say


All flavors are great. The Orange reminds me of Tang, something I used to love. This is just a healthier supplement by far. We will be lifelong clients. Thank you to Vie for helping vegans get all their minerals and supplements in a tasty drink.

Laurie B.

Vie is great! The Lemon-Lime flavor is my favorite, but this assortment pack gave me a nice variety to try (all very good). I had it in the middle of the day and it gave the the boost I needed to get my work done. I would buy again!

Makena H.

I usually have one in the afternoon in place of a stack. It mixes well in water and keeps my energy levels even throughout the rest of the day. My favorite is the lemon/lime. Funny, my 12 year old even likes it!

Steve O.

I tried Vie powder for two weeks and really like it. The assorted flavors were all good, and it was nice to have a different one each day. The feeling I get from it is a smooth, gentle push throughout the day, not too much but definitely noticeable.

Natalya L.